New Gossip, new La Roux, new Basement Jaxx, and The Golden Filter

Me last friday

Hmmmm – 1st post since my house party? Clearly I had a great time. It was a funny weekend to say the least, but fuck me some people are seriously hardcore… our party was Friday evening – I left my house for most of saturday to go to my mates and watch Ricky Hatton get chin raped, and when I returned there was still a bunch of casualties partying their asses off in the small hours of sunday morning! Goodbye livers… 

Anyways – today I have a juicy batch of freshies for you guys to get your teeth into:

… and so we begin. Following on from the success of ‘In For The Kill’, La Roux’s new single ‘Bulletproof’ is sure to be smothered in hype when it gets released. Fortunately you guys aren’t gonna have to wait for that cos it’s here. What do you reckon?

La Roux – Bulletproof


Who are Golden Filters? No, not Golden Silvers, Golden Filters. I hadn’t heard of them until now but fuck a duck their remixes of Polly Scattergood kick ass! Proper fat stomping disco. I’ve been informed that some of the other stuff that they’ve done is equally as good. If this is so then expect to be seeing a lot more of them on here on WANARB. 

Polly Scattergood – Please Don’t Touch (Golden Filter Vocal Edit)


Here’s the new Gossip tune! And the Fred Falke remix. Now, I’ve never been a big fan of the Gossip. Yes, they did ONE good song which was immortalised by the godly duo Soulwax. But before that ONE good song, they had been a band for 12 years. So they’re clearly not that great right? Anyway – Heavy Cross isn’t all that bad (he says behind gritted teeth). Her voice is annoying, standard, and it’s pretty predictable, as you would have already predicted. But it’s not a bad effort. I also threw in the Fred Falke mix for good measure. Pow. 

The GossipHeavy Cross

The GossipHeavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)


Basement Jaxx are back and here is their latest effort! 

Basement Jaxx Raindrops

9 Responses to “New Gossip, new La Roux, new Basement Jaxx, and The Golden Filter”

  1. Chris woo Says:

    U got the copy of in for a kill on here? Big tune!!


  2. HazMat Says:

    No but I’ve got the lifelike remix of ‘in for the kill’ which is fuckin HUGE!! beats the skream mix…

  3. Don’t bother with the new video for “Bulletproof”—Bowieface can be fun, but it’s poorly done and makes our beautiful ginger look like her face was violated by fingerpaint-wielding chimps.

    Isn’t it Basement, not Bassment?

    “Heavy Cross” is hot! Thanks for the tip!

  4. HazMat Says:

    Shit – well spotted, it is Basement. Sorted!

    I haven’t seen the video, don’t think i’ll bother hunting it down now! I’m not too sure about the song anyway…


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  6. […] New Gossip, new La Roux, new Basement Jaxx, and The Golden Filter Hmmmm – 1st post since my house party? Clearly I had a great time. It was a funny weekend to say the least, but […] […]

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  8. […] The Gossip – Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix) […]

  9. allenkeif Says:



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