Mickey Factz

Mickey Factz

“London’s great, but it rains a lot.” The average tourist’s summary. But this isn’t a snippet of conversation overheard on the Picadilly Line, this is the start of mine and Henry’s chat with Mickey Factz, a Bronx-born rapper who made his UK debut last night.

Sitting backstage at the Scala, with his iBook on his lap and a wearing a pair of spectacles that could easily be vintage Cazal, there is no denying that Factz oozes cool. Extremely confident, it’s hard to believe that he only began his career in 2006, when he started putting out free mixes online.

“I had to do that,” he explains. “Because at that time, people were selling mixtapes, and sometimes, people won’t buy mixtapes off of someone they’ve never heard of, so sometimes I’d end up giving CDs away for free, and that’s what lead me to look at different options. I didn’t use an established blog, it was something we set up ourselves, we created a splash page where people could download the mixes.”

His first release ‘In Search of the N.E.R.D.’ saw him lay lyrics over N.E.R.D’s beats, a year later came ‘Flashback’, followed by ‘Heaven’s Fallout’. At the beginning of 2008, he began releasing a new track every week as part of a series titled ‘The Leak’. The first leak got 100 downloads, the last one nearly 10,000.

 As well as being one of New York’s hottest underground talents, and an amazing lyricist, Factz has taken steps to establish his own brand, GFCnewyork which deals in artist management, publishes a magazine for trainer aficionados (Laced) and of course, dabbles in fashion. It was his interest in how music and fashion meet that actually attracted him to joining the Trapstar Invasion Tour, which over the next few days will visit Birmingham and Newcastle.

“Fashion and music go hand in hand, like brother and sister. Just like when Run DMC did ‘My Adidas’, it propelled Adidas to the next level, I’m trying to do that with Supra as well as [Japanese denim brand] Rocksmith.”

 This is Factz’s first visit to London, and is already raving about the city’s talent. “Today I was introduced to an artist called Giggs, I really liked him,” he enthuses.

Would he like to collaborate with him, or any other artists? “That’s the opus, trying to have different sounds. I’d like to work with Portishead; Giggs after hearing him, I think he’s dope. Anyone on Ed Banger, those guys are dope. I’m open to collaborate with people who think out of the box. Zoot Woman, I love Zoot Woman. I love Uffie. I could go on and on, Bjork…”

 Having heard a pairing of his track ‘Incredible’ with the fuzzy bass of Lil Wayne’s ‘A Milli’, the possibility of him collaborating with any of those people is very exciting.

So what’s in store for the next six months? “I’m gonna take over the world, one street at a time! In October, I’ve got a very important project coming up later this year, it’s a very crazy project. It will be released very differently to what I’ve been doing and involving a big corporation. The album is out next year.”  

Final question. Mickey, give us your favourite fact: “Mickey Factz dropped out of law school. Put that in there!”

Kara Simsek

8 Responses to “Mickey Factz”

  1. NY is producing some fine up and coming talent. I’ve been blown away by Wale’s mixtapes, and Thelonius London’s This Charming Mixtape is literally my favourite thing this year. Charles Hamilton too. All good for the new school.

  2. classabryson Says:

    Good Interview, Henry said the gig was pretty good as well. Is he playing anywhere else in London anytime soon?

  3. […] Here is the original: Mickey Factz […]

  4. Nah he’s just doing Birmingham and Newcastle.
    Shame there wasn’t many people there yesterday, the Scala was empty.

  5. Wale is from DC!

  6. Tut tut tut, Amir!
    Your hip-hop geography is weak

  7. I think his stuff is tight. I heard a few mixtapes and he got this kind of nice flows and kicks some sense in it too. Good stuff Mickey

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