Disco Of Doom: Interview, Mixtape AND free tune!

Disco Of Doom kindly took a few moments out of their busy schedule to speak to WANARB about what they are preparing to unleash upon the world. They’ve also kindly made us a mix (which they made last night), plus given us a killer track for you to download for free! Aren’t they nice. Catch Disco Of Doom DJ-ing at our warehouse party this Saturday! (We’re starting to get a bit excited now…)

WANARB: How did Disco Of Doom come to be – and what gave you inspiration for your name?

DoD: The Disco Of Doom was a name we decided to use for a radio show we were setting up on Samurai.FM We wanted to develop a brand that could be applied to the radio show, events, DJ gigs and much more and the Disco Of Doom seemed appropriate. Sadly the radio show has been on hold but we’re looking to relaunch this soon.

WANARB: Back in the day, you guys were at the top of the game on the Breakbeat scene. How do you feel about breakbeat nowadays, and how has it shaped the sound you’re producing now?
DoD: We loved breakbeat as it drew it’s influences from many different genres, but it reached a point where that disappeared and it became a very strict sound dominated by the same ten DJs who weren’t prepared to let any young DJs progress… plus the clubs became sausage parties so at this point we lost interest. We both have diverse tastes and like to bring that into or production sound and had already been getting a lot of our inspiration from other scenes so Disco Of Doom was born as an outlet for this side of what we want to do.

WANARB: Fair enough! No-one likes a sausage-fest. So do you miss breaks?

WANARB: Right now, you guys look set to blow up which must be pretty exciting for you – but what has been the toughest point of your careers?
Thanks for the props! In all honesty there’s not really been a tough point. Music is a passion for us, we love it. One thing that has been frustrating is the fact that things always take a lot longer to achieve than you’d initially hope. Thankfully though, things seem to be coming together.

WANARB: What has been the most exciting?
There’s so much going on right now it’s hard to pin-point the most exciting. When the big remixes started coming in that was cool as it was a seal of approval that people were liking our stuff, last summer headlining a series of festivals with the Arcadia crew was insane, playing for them was a real blast. When DJs and producers you really like start sending you positive feedback about your music that is exciting.

WANARB: Given your past successes as solo artists, what made you guys decide to join forces to produce music, and at what point did you begin to think that it was a promising pair-up?
We’ve been old friends for a lot longer and been collaborating on and off for a number of years. Ben was getting bored of doing his solo stuff and we saw a lot of potential in the Disco Of Doom project so it made sense to join forces and fully focus plus it’s more fun having success and DJ’ing / touring with your mate than it is on your own.

WANARB: So what do Disco Of Doom have in the pipelines for the coming months / year?

DoD: We’ve got our fourth single out titled Engine EP on August 16th on Gung Ho! This is our second release for them and we’re very excited about this. We’ve had some great response from some of our favourite DJs and producers like Herve, Brodinski, Zinc and Drop The Lime so it’s great to know we’re heading in the right direction with our stuff. We’ve also got a lot of remixes about to drop of Crookers, Silver Columns + Diddy, we’re also busy working on follow up EPs which will hopefully drop before the year is out.

WANARB: What are your goals, or what do you hope to have achieved in the coming year?

DoD: It would be great to work towards an album but this will only happen when the time is right. We’re busy working on our own productions and remixes right now so we’ll see where this all goes. Gig-wise, it would be great to have some kind of live show ready for festivals next summer… we’ll see!

Thanks guys! Their next single ‘Engine / Sex Face’ is due out on Gung Ho! in August www.gunghorecordings.com and it’s a bit of a bad-boy.

So now for some goodies – Disco Of Doom literally made this mixtape LAST NIGHT – and you can download it here in all it’s glory. It’s a killer.

Disco Of Doom – Disko Tekno mixtape July 2010

And here’s one of their most recent remixes – which you can also have, totally free!! Enjoy.

For more of their stuff – check out their SoundCloud




4 Responses to “Disco Of Doom: Interview, Mixtape AND free tune!”

  1. Here’s the tracklisting:

    Disco Of Doom’s Disko Tekno July Mix

    1: Sebastian Leger ‘Silicone Carne’
    2: Burn The Negative ‘Smash & Grab’ Keith and Supabeatz RMX
    3: Homework ‘Fissa Tune’
    4: Disco Of Doom ‘Sex Face’
    5: DJ Zinc ‘Nexx’
    6: Gabe & Marcello VOR ‘You & Me’
    7: David E Sugar ‘Party Killer’ Disco Of Doom RMX
    8: Kaiser Disco ‘Aguja’
    9: Martin Brothers ‘Steal Drums’
    10: Unknown
    11: Whebba ‘The Speech’

  2. Love the James Yuill remix you guys have done.

  3. Can’t wait for saturday!

  4. aa@aa.com Says:

    pleez reup! link dead

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