Joris Voorn : Interview and Mix

One of the biggest names in dance music? Definitely. Here at WANARB we were lucky enough to catch up with the DJ/Producer to ask him about his favourite moments, his upcoming album, the period features in his house and how he seems to find time to play at the majority of European festivals.

WANARB : Hi Joris, you’ve been a busy man, you’ve managed to squeeze in a ridiculous amount of festivals this summer, what’s been the highlight so far?

Joris : My favourite festival? I’ve done so many this year. I would have to say Global Gathering which I played at a few weekends ago but I really like the Dutch festivals. There is a lot, but you can drive from one festival to the next in one day which is an interesting experience. I really prefer the smaller festivals at the moment like ‘Source Festival’, It has just the right amount of people and they’re really into their music.

WANARB : We’ll have to check it out. So, what first got you in to dance music?

Joris : I was always an alternative kid when I was young, I liked guitar music and listening to a lot of indie bands. Then around ’95, I started to listen to a lot of British acts like Underworld, Leftfield and Orbital which I would consider the crossover from band music in to dance music. Those groups pulled me into an electronic world and I found myself listening to Dj’s like Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills and Derrick May. It’s a funny thing now I’m sharing a stage with these guys but back in the day I was listening to their mixtapes and looking up to them.

WANARB : How does that feel now? Is there still a little hero-worship?

Joris : I remember being in a club in Utrecht and Carl Craig played my debut record and I was completely amazed but nowadays I’m friends with these guys, we share records and talk about remixing so the hero-worship is gone.

WANARB : Whats the top 5 playlist on your iPhone/iPod?

Joris : That’s a difficult one….

WANARB : Go on whip your iPhone out! (he doesn’t)

Joris : (laughs) I don’t really listen to Techno or House music on my iPhone. I buy so much music off iTunes I completely forget the names of artists and song names. The one that does stick in my mind is the Coco Rosie Album a few weeks ago. This crazy twin sister duo from New York who make Lo-Fi, do it yourself, electro-folk music. It’s very good, you should give it a listen.

WANARB : (makes mental note about electro-folk) You used to have other aliases that you produced under – Dark Science and Third Nation – Will these aliases make a return? Perhaps a new alias or are you happy with Joris Voorn?

Joris : I don’t really use aliases anymore, there was a point in the 90’s where people were just releasing so much music under so many pseudonyms that you lost track of who the artist was and who had produced what. This was the era before superstar DJ’s, nowadays I prefer to release music under my own name, that way people can link the music directly to me instead of a host of different names.

WANARB : Talking of producing, what’s your studio like?

Joris : My studio? It’s very simple. It’s in the top floor of my 4 story 17th century house by the canal. It’s a very nice place to work. The reason for it being such a small setup is that everything is done on computer these days, so all I really have is a desktop and a small mixing desk. I used to have a much larger mixing desk but it wouldn’t fit inside the room and with technology advances you can have all the controls you need in one or two software packages.

WANARB : Things do seem a lot simpler, people can now make music in their bedrooms at home, if our readers wanted to start making music what setup or software would you recommend?

Joris : Albeton live is the most basic program, it’s very simple. It’s just one screen which can do many things all at once and it allows you to go as deep into the music as you would or produce a track in 5 minutes. Its one of the main pieces of software that I use.

WANARB : What’s the longest you’ve spent making a track?

Joris : It can take up to a couple of months to lay a track down and finally get it to the mastering stage, there are some tracks that I have that I’m still working on from 2 years ago.

WANARB : Jesus! Two years, so where do you get the inspiration from? Do you sit under a tree all buddha like or listen to some old vinyl?

Joris : Honestly it can be anything, it could be a sample from a track that I listen to that goes on to form the basis of a song or it could something as simple as sitting behind a computer listing to drum loops. Inspiration comes from all over the place.

WANARB : Whats the hottest track in your record box right now?

Joris : If I could name one of my own remixes?

WANARB : Yeah of course!

Joris : Ok, I just finished a remix for Goldfrapp, which I think works really well for festivals. It still retains the vocal pop element but added my own melodies and bassline. Its a big dancefloor track.

WANARB : Nice, so when is the new album going to be released?

Joris : Not until next summer, ive been working on it since my last album in 2007, it’s taking a bit longer than normal as I keep getting distracted by the remodelling of my 17th century house.

WANARB : I love how it’s not just a house, it’s a 17th century house! Does it have lots of period features?

Joris : (laughs) It doesn’t have many, which is good because it would take even longer to finish the house the way I want it to be, which means I can actually get my album finished. It’s not just the house though I’m doing a lot of collaborations with artists and singers, so that’s taken a lot more time as well.

WANARB : We’ll be looking forward to it, whats been your worse fan based moment? Like a complete psycho threatened you?

Joris : I was playing in Holland recently and a group of people who were in front of the DJ booth chucked a phone at me, I didn’t have a clue what I was supposed to do with it. I didn’t know if I was supposed to take a photo of them or me, maybe listen to a song, call someone and speak to them? In the end I just took a photo and threw it back, I don’t think this was what they wanted as they looked disappointed.

WANARB : There’s no pleasing some people is there. Your next Festival is here in the UK, what can we expect from you at SW4?

Joris : It’s going to be my only live set this summer in the UK. It’s going to be all my own tracks and remixes for an hour and a half, im really looking forward to it.

WANARB : Excellent, do you prefer performing live sets or playing DJ sets?

Joris : At the moment I’m doing more and more DJ sets as it’s easier to read a crowd and change it up if you feel like you’re losing them. You have such a vast selection of tracks that you can choose from and so many genres to switch too. However when you play a live set with the right crowd who are really knowledgeable than it’s extremely satisfying.

WANARB : I’m sure everyone at SW4 is going to love it, so final question what was the first record you ever bought?

Joris : I think it was a Pink Floyd or Queen record.

WANARB : That’s much better than the first record i ever bought, ‘Every little step’ by Bobby Brown and on that embarrassing note I think we’ll end it there. Thank you Joris.

You can catch Joris, this Saturday at SW4. If you can’t be there, or can’t wait a whole day, you’ll be pleased to know he’s sent us his recent mixtape + tracklist which you can download below!  Aren’t we good to you.

Joris Voorn – Summer Mixtape

4th Level Zombie




Caribou – Sun – Merge Records

The Mole – Oh My Stomach – Musique Risquée

I:Cube – Bionic Ears – Versatile

Mood II Swing – Move Me (Alternate Version) – Earth, Moon & Sun

Balboa Orchestra – Untitled – Deependence LTD

Ozgur Can – Mr. Winslow – My Disco Preset

Nalin & Kane – Beachball (Joris Voorn Remix) – Supra Recordings

D’Julz – Second Hand Feet – Ovum

Technasia – Inconous Clouds – Technasia

Fog Arara – Palmaflava (Mendo Remix) – Brise

Hadrien – Deep Sleep (Sis Remix) – Sonata Music

Super Flu – Poelsewoggn – Monaberry

Gabriele Baldi – All I Want – Thirtyonetwenty

Sharam – Love Love Love – 1 Mach

Kirk Degiorgio – Membrane (C2 Mix) – Planet E

Mike Drehnert – WH1 – Fachwerk

Marascia – Watcha – Noir Music

Alessandro Sessini – Funky Mind – District Raw

Kenny Hawkes – Play The Game – Joris Voorn Dub – U-Boot

Edwin Oosterwal – Scrub the Tub – Rejected

Joris Voorn – The Secret (Radio Edit) – Cocoon

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