Busy celebrating the success of his 50th release – Alexander Ridha, AKA Boys Noize took time out to catch up with the WANARB crew to discuss whats he’s done to celebrate reaching such a milestone, his new record label that will release only ‘hot shit’ – and to tell us that both his favourite and least favourite noise is his pet dog snoring. Bless.

WANARB: Good afternoon Alex – thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat to us.

BN: No probs!

WANARB: Congrats on turning 50! What have you done personally to celebrate your 50th release?

BN: High fived with my partner and played another round of Mario Kart Wii.

WANARB: Sounds pretty low key – I like it. So your new track ‘1010’ is a homage the first ever release ‘Optic/He-man’ – What made you decide to take that route with this track? Was it something you had planned?

BN: I just got my pimped Roland 707 drumashine back and my girlfriend bought me a Roland tb 303 for my birthday. “1010” was the first track i did with those machines. Friends of mine like Housemeister, Erol or Mr.Oizo heard the track – they were going crazy for it and when I played it out you can hear why!! It’s another track made for the club, because you can only really feel the power of it on the dancefloor.

WANARB: What do you think you’ll be doing when you’re 50, and what kind of 50 year old will you be?

BN: I’ll probably be still making music, hating on everything haha. But no I’ll be a father of some kids or some animals, living a quite life – to be honest, it’s weird when i see those old punk bands performing today again sometimes, it’s hard to really believe they are still the rebels they once were.

WANARB: Yep. I hope I’m not like that – growing old gracefully would be ideal. So what’s been the highlight of Boys Noize records since it began way back in 2005?

BN: The highlight had to be releasing my first album totally independently, working with just my label partner out of the kitchen and ending up selling more than 50,000 CDs & downloads worldwide… also our first label nights in London and Berlin, our first BNR stages on festivals… becoming good friends with all our artists – so many!

WANARB: Did you ever imagine that you would grow to be such a dominant force on the electro when you first started out?

BN: No I truly did not expect that. My music is always a bit of a reflection on music out there and i always want to do something different to everyone else. In 2005 my sound was not cool at all haha. Now I feel it’s my responsibility to bring fresh stuff.

WANARB: You’re on the brink of releasing a brand new record label – BNR Trax – What can people expect from this?

BN: Hot shit! Great tools for the club. Basically it won’t be too different from what we release on Boysnoize Records but there will be a bit more straight techno, house and experimental stuff.

WANARB: I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got in store for us! What made you decide to set up an offshoot label?

BN: I just got too many great new tracks sent by really good producers.

WANARB: Like who?

BN: People like Electric Rescue, Shadow Dancer, Benny Rodrigues & Para One are in the pipeline for releases…

WANARB: You’ve been doing a lot of producing lately – any more on the cards?

BN: I’m almost finished producing Spank Rock’s new album and Erol and me did some new tracks too. Other friends/producers did remixes for me in the past and I agreed to do one for them but now it’s ended up that I’ve made a track together with DJ Feadz (Ed Banger), and because Housemeister always comes around my place we ended up making 2-3 new tracks as well.

WANARB: What artists should we be looking out for in the months to come that you think are gonna blow up big?

BN: Housemeister, Djedjotronic, Mixhell.

WANARB: Currently, what’s the biggest track in your record box right now?

BN: Boys Noize “Nott” (Paul Chambers Remix)

WANARB: I’ll be checking that one out for sure! When you were a teenager what sort of music were you listening to, and in what way did it influence the music you play and produce now?

BN: I was listening to all kind of shit from punk to hiphop to house – too many to mention. From all that music my inspiration was always the unperfect ones. The music that isn’t totally nice, sounds that stick out, funny stuff, weird recordings etc… All of that comes together in my music too.

WANARB: Who would play you in a film of your life? And what would the film be called?

BN: It would def be a funny comic. I would be a crazy old bird maybe.

WANARB: Who would you most like to work with, alive or dead?

BN: Michael Jackson.

WANARB: What’s the most played track on your iTunes?

BN: I dont really have one either, i been listening to a lot of ’60s and ’70s soul lately.

WANARB: What’s your favourite noise.. And least favourite?

BN: My dog snoring.

Check out Boys Noize Records 50th release here. It’s a blinder.



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