Ahead of his performance at XOYO last Saturday, Ed Banger boss Pedro Winter (AKA Busy P) found some time in his busy schedule to chat to WANARB. This is the guy who managed Daft Punk for 10 years, discovered Justice and is the head honcho of the seminal French electronic label ‘Ed Banger’ – home to the likes of Mr Oizo, SebastiAn, Uffie, DJ Medhi, Carte Blanche, Cassius and many more. He is quite possibly the most influential man French electronic music has ever seen.

So what does he have to say for himself?? Read on…

WANARB: Good afternoon Pedro! Thank you for stopping by.

Pedro: No problem!

WANARB: Your illustrious career in music is almost unparalleled – some would say that you’re one of the most influential people electronic music has seen, certainly at least for the French scene, but what has been your greatest moment in music so far?

Pedro: I had a lot, and honestly I prefer not to think too much about it. I just take what comes in. I hope there will be lots more. Of course meeting the Daft robots in 1995, visiting Armand Van Helden’s loft in Times Square with Dj Mehdi in 1997 changed my life, but eating cheese with Justice in 2003 was also a good move.

WANARB: When you’re not DJ-ing or touring, describe a typical day at work for Pedro Winter?

Pedro: It’s not really sexy, but like everybody, checking emails, answering phone calls and signing stupid contracts all day.
Not sure people will want to read what’s happening in my kitchen? I often compare myself with a taxi driver, I wake up in the morning with out really knowing what will happen, I love it.

WANARB: Whilst always having great diversity at Ed Banger records, some people would say it’s mostly famous for popularizing French Electro, and then in the last year or so, applying the French touch to Disco. Where next for the prestigious record label?

Pedro: Diversity is our middle-name, Surprise is our motto, the Future is our playground.

WANARB: What do you currently have going on, and what can we expect to see for 2011 from Busy P?

Pedro: I am sad I can’t do more music, but I love being able to follow all the great artists adventures. Watching Sebastian finishing his album, witnessing the return of Justice, pushing Dj Mehdi to make gay music, this is what I really like at the end. I am not in a rush, I will find the time to get in studio and do more beats.

WANARB: Who do you expect to make a huge impact on 2011?

Pedro: TECHNO (in every possible sense)

WANARB: Sounds good to us! Do you think you will find another artist that could share a similar level of success to that of Daft Punk and Justice?

Pedro: The 20 artists of ‘Let The Children Techno’ together can beat the shit out of those 2 bands i’m telling you! Daft Punk, Justice, wanna battle with me and my mob?

WANARB: Awesome! We can’t wait for ‘Let the children Techno’!

And finally, what’s the biggest tune in your bag at the moment?

Pedro: ‘La Gasolina’ by Daddy Yankee.


What a legend. ‘Let the Children Techno’ LP is released 14th February through Ed Banger Records.



3 Responses to “When WANARB met: BUSY P”

  1. Boss interview! Busy P is sa awesome


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  3. […] It’s taken off the ‘Let The Children Techno’ album, which is out now on Ed Banger. You can listen to another Breakbot classic (one of my all-time favourite tunes) here, or go check out our interview with Ed Banger’s head honcho, Busy P, here. […]

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