WIFEY : 5 Tracks For SOCIETY + Interview

Wifey started in 2008 as one of a handful of club nights introducing bassline to London. Also known as bassline house, the scene is an offshoot of UK garage originally popular in the North and Midlands. They started to bring leading DJs to clubs and warehouse parties in east London, including TRCDJ QPalefaceDexplicit, Illmana,Wittyboy, Pantha, Virgo (Mr V) and Piddy Py.

As UK funky started emerging in and around London, Wifey embraced this exciting new sound, creating a unique style of house music influenced by grime and garage. Wifey began to book artists such as such as Crazy CousinzHardhouse Banton,FunkystepzDJ PetchyR1 Ryders, and Deep Teknologi.

This kind of forward thinking approach to music led us to booking them for the upcoming SOCIETY party on the 12th of August. We took some time to chat to Steve, Robin and Ralph. The trio that make up Wifey and they also gave us there top 5 tracks they would be playing on the night.

The Get Down Gang – You Belong To Me

Letreece Brown – Lets Move

Reese And Santonio – The Sound

Reel By Reel – Surkit

Manix – Alright wid me (Tek 9 Remix)

WANARB : Where are you right now?
WIFEY STEVE : I’m on lunch at work right now, I work full time for a charity.
WANARB : Favourite year musically and why?
WIFEY STEVE : Maybe 84? Lots of squiggly synthfunk and drum machines taking over.
WANARB : Who are the members of Wifey and how did it all begin?
WIFEY ROBIN : Me, Ralph LTF and S Shaw. Me and Ralph actually used to share a house where we played a lot of bassline first thing in the morning to wake everyone up properly. Somehow this turned into a club night because no one else was putting on the DJs in London.
WANARB : Nice, it certainly beats a shitty iPhone Alarm, could you describe the musical style of Wifey – what sets it apart?
WIFEY ROBIN : These days we support anything we think is lively, original UK dance music. That usually means UK house and funky, garage and and grime as well as bassline.
WANARB : We see a lot of that music in your side projects, like WAVY – tell us about them: 
WIFEY STEVE : Well we all come from a wide background of influences. WAVY’s been my own little event project looking at the development of synths and drum machines in 80s music, from boogie, including acid, up to mid-90s electrofunk Detroit techno. It’s been fun, but that’s finished now. I’ve got a new secret project starting in September though. Watch this space…
WANARB : You’re playing SOCIETY vs Raindance warehouse party, what can we expect from Wifey on the night?
WIFEY ROBIN : It could go several ways, raw Chicago and Detroit tracks, proper UK hardcore or an unholy collision of both.
WANARB : We will definitely take the unholy collision please, who are you looking forward to seeing at SOCIETY?
WIFEY STEVE : Colin Dale for me. He’s a badman.
WIFEY RALPH : Billy Daniel Bunter, very excited.
WANARB : What does the future hold for Wifey?
WIFEY ROBIN : Dishonour, destitution and drink most probably.
WANARB : Unfortunately I think most of us can agree with that, what is your emergency ‘Save the Night’ Tune?
WIFEY ROBIN : In this kind of situation, if I’m starting to sweat I’ll always feel OK drawing for something of 2 Bad Mice’s Hold It Down EP. All kinds of people will like you for that.
WANARB : Tell us a great or awful clubbing memory: 
WIFEY STEVE : Blacking out on Becherovka in Prague. Only time I have ever not remembered a thing.
WANARB : That honestly sounds horrendous, almost Hostel like. Lets end the interview on something more wholesome, what is the better snack? Smiths Chip Sticks or Walkers French fries? 

WIFEY STEVE : Chip Sticks are more satisfying, man.

WIFEY ROBIN : Forget Walkers, it was always about Golden Wonder anyway.
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