Rattus Rattus : 5 Tracks for SOCIETY + Interview

Pure party mash-up! Everything and anything from dubstep & grime to bassline, electro and dark, dirty beats! As well as being an Urban Nerds selector from day one, Rattus Rattus has ventured out into UK clubland to regularly spin at a number of top underground nights including Vagabondz and Bigger than Barry.

Un-phased by any genre, his unique mixing style and one-off brand of mash-up mayhem when it comes to tunes makes Rattus a top favourite among Urban Nerdy punters looking to get their rave on. With party hats suitably doffed we caught up with Rattus to get an interview and his top 5 acid tracks we’re likely to hear at the upcoming Society Warehouse party this Friday the 12th.

Awesome 3 – Don’t Go

Bizarre Inc – Playing with Knives

Parga Khan – Injected With A Poison

K Klass – Rhythm Is A Mystery

Utah Saints – Something Good

WANARB : Where are you right now?

RATTUS : Sitting in my sweaty studio wondering whether I should crack open that warm can of Red Stripe behind my monitor.

WANARB : Do it, we’re sure it wouldn’t be the first! So, why Rattus Rattus? Where did that name come from?

RATTUS :  There’s no real reason, it’s the latin name for the type of rat which spread the Bubonic Plague (with the help of its fleas). I’ve always liked a good plague.

WANARB : Favourite year musically and why?

RATTUS : It would have to be 1991, the majority of old dance tracks I love tend to come from that year. Massive piano breaks super cheesy vocals and hardcore drums! Laaaaavly.

WANARAB : Tell us about Urban Nerds – you’re one member; who are the rest and how did it all begin?

RATTUS : I’ve been DJ’ing for Urban Nerds since the beginning and it’s always been a home for my specific style of DJ’ing. The guys who run it have now become close friends and together we’ve both helped each other raise our profiles. In terms of the ravers who go to Urban Nerds they’ve become an extended family and no matter what festival or party I’m at I always bump into one of the thousands of people who make the Nerds events special.

WANARB : Describe the musical style of Rattus Rattus and Urban Nerds?

RATTUS : I’ve always been very diverse and tend to get bored if I’m sticking to one specific genre. Urban Nerds as a club-night we’re all about a multitude of genres so it was a perfect place for me to DJ.

WANARB : Speaking of Club Nights, you have recently just played room 2 at Fabric, a big step up from Room 3, how did you find it?

RATTUS : Fabric is always great and definitely one of those mecca’s as a DJ you want to play so DJ’ing room 2 was great. It’s one of the few places I still feel very nervous before playing.

WANARB : Do you prefer big club nights like Fabric or grotty venues like The Alibi and The Macbeth?

RATTUS : They both have their plus’. I don’t think I can choose between them. It’s fantastic to play to thousand’s of people with a superb sound system who are all there to hear new dance music, but you can’t beat a couple of hundred people squeezed into a sweaty room, with a crap monitor and drink flying everywhere as they all go nuts!

WANARB : Every time I log in to Facebook, you seem to be checking in to another part of the world; tired yet?

RATTUS : I want to go to more places! To be honest I don’t think I’ll ever get tired… Although I may need a couple of new internal organs soon.

WANARB : You’ll be playing at the next SOCIETY vs Raindance warehouse party, what can we expect from Rattus Rattus on the night?

RATTUS : I’ll be covering as many angles of the 1986-1993 era as I can. So basically anything goes.

WANARB : Really? We might have to get you to play longer, who else are you looking forward to seeing at SOCIETY?

RATTUS : Bloody everyone!!! I may need to clone myself… I reckon I’ll have run a mini marathon by the end of the night.

WANARB : No cloning please, I don’t think the world is ready for that much plague. Speaking of the future, what does it hold for Rattus Rattus?

RATTUS : I’m working hard on a lot of production at the moment under my name and another project name… So there’ll be some more original music out soon. Plus a new retrospective mix series starting with the Acid House mix for you guys and going on a tour of 90’s dance music in later volumes.

WANARB : What is your emergency ‘Save the Night’ tune?

RATTUS : If all else fails play Out Of Space by The Prodigy (on repeat).

WANARB : Tell us a great or awful clubbing memory?

RATTUS : Once I went to Wolverhampton and someone threatened to bottle me, I assume for not playing any Rhianna. Her fans are pretty violent.

WANARB : Wolverhampton and violence, not the greatest combination. One last question before we release you to finish your warm red stripe, which is the better crisp? Smiths Chip Sticks or Walkers French Fries?

RATTUS : (quite excitedly) : Defo CHIP STICKS.

WANARB : Correct answer, thanks Rattus.

4th Level Zombie

RATTUS RATTUS will be performing at the next SOCIETY Warehouse Party, click here for info and tickets



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  1. […] luck as we have not one, but two acid mixes made exclusively for tonights SOCIETY by rising stars; Rattus Rattus and the Wifey DJs. Rattus Rattus – Into the Acid […]

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