SLACKK Interview + Top 5 ACID TRACKS

SLACKK is one of the new wave of DJ-producers influenced by the Acid House and breakbeat Hardcore sound. Now signed to Numbers, Slackk has found himself labelmates with the likes of Jamie xx, Jackmaster, Deadboy, Hudson Mohawke and Lory D and judging by the reaction to his first release ‘Theme From Slackk’, he’s going to be just as big very soon. We’ve seen first hand what Slackk can do to a dancefloor when he played at our warm-up party in July, so we know any tune he plays is guaranteed to leave you gasping for more, which is great because he’s playing at the next SOCIETY with Number head-honcho Jackmaster. WANARB caught up with SLACKK to ask him a few questions and get his top 5 acid tracks.

L.A. – LA’s Music

Jungle Pirate – Mutiny On The Bounty

Tim Taylor – Istanbul (Taktix Remix)

Phortune – String Free

The Good, 2 Bad and Hugly – You Know How To Love Me

WANARB : Where are you right now?
SLACKK : In an office, in work, in Woolwich. It still smelled of smoke this morning when I came in.

WANARB : Slackk is one of the better DJ names we have heard, is there a reason behind it?
SLACKK : Yeah when I used to do loads of drugs my jaw would go dead slack and I would stare, seemingly agog; I can’t remember why the extra K is there or when that happened, really.

WANARB : Favourite year musically and why?
SLACKK : 2003 because that’s when all my favourite grime is from. All the 8bar stuff. If not that then ’92 probably. I also really like 1917 because that’s when Satie & Cocteau’s music for Parade dropped.

WANARB : How did your first release on Numbers come about? What’s up your sleeves production-wise for the future?
SLACKK : Er basically I was just sending Jackmaster tracks and Theme From Slackk went down really well when he played it at Numbers in Glasgow. Things just happened from there to be honest. I have something else coming on Numbers later in the year and loads of stuff that just exists in my sets I guess.

WANARB : You are a disgustingly good DJ – how long have you been DJing for?
SLACKK : I remember trying to DJ off and on from quite an early age, on belt drives using my dad’s records. I was terrible then. Then when I was about 14 or 15 I got some decks for christmas and I was better then, but the music I was playing was just rubbish. I reckon from about 17 or 18 I thought of myself as being a decent DJ like. But then you get better and realise that you weren’t, necessarily.

WANARB : Your dad was apparently an Acid House DJ – tell us about him – I’m guessing that influenced you! Has he given you his tunes?
SLACKK : Yeah my dad was a DJ. He wasn’t massively big or anything but he was about, raving and that too. He’s got loads of amazing records from that era and I have pilfered from him from time to time, yeah. Mostly though I’ve just ripped a load of them because he’d kill me if I wrecked them from playing out with them. Understandable, I think.

WANARB : Describe the musical style of Slackk?
SLACKK : Er I think I mostly sound like a series of monkeys hitting bin lids with plastic chippy forks and occasionally coming out with something transcendant like.

WANARB : You are originally from Liverpool, what made you move to London? What’s going on up there at the moment?
SLACKK : Ah, a variety of things I guess. I find the idea of settling in one place forever and never moving a bit constraining really. I knew people down here and followed, in short. Liverpool’s great though, kind of exists in its own bubble. You should go, it’s a great place to get drunk

WANARB : Grime has had a huge influence on you so what made you diversify into house music or did you feel there was a natural progression?
SLACKK : Well I was always around house growing up, as I’ve said, and it’s what I started out playing when I first started buying records myself, so yeah I’ve always had it lurking in the background. Basically though, funky started kicking off and I started making tracks in that vein & found it worked well for me. A happy coincidence.

WANARB : You’ll be playing at the SOCIETY vs Raindance warehouse party, what can we expect from Slackk on the night?
SLACKK : Loads of my dad’s records, to be honest; bits of weird acid, some Quadrant Park & Hacienda stuff, and bits and pieces of early hardcore that doesn’t really make that much sense.

WANARB : Who else are you looking forward to seeing at SOCIETY?
SLACKK : Jackmaster, Top Buzz, Ragga Twins, the Wifey lot, people who I half know who I can drunkenly ask for papers when I inevitably lose them.

WANARB : What else does the future hold for Slackk?
SLACKK : Later on today I am going to go and do a couple of asbestos audits and then probably knock off early and go the pub if it stays sunny. Might get a curry.

WANARB : What is your emergency ‘Save the Night’ tune?
SLACKK : Bobby Brown, “Two Can Play That Game (K-Klass Extended Remix),” although not for this night because it wouldn’t work. Sometimes “I’m In Love” by Shalor, if I’m feeling sensual.

WANARB : What do you prefer? Production or DJing?
SLACKK : I think they’re kind of codependent really; if I didn’t DJ I wouldn’t make the kind of music I do, and if I didn’t produce then I’m not sure I’d get the chance to play anywhere but my kitchen. Probably DJing though because I’m usually drunk and you get to go to places you wouldn’t otherwise. I played a German air raid bunker once!

WANARB : Tell us a great or awful clubbing memory
SLACKK : All the best nights out seem mostly like fluorescent dreams, I’m not sure I could really differentiate one from another. The best DJ I ever saw was this scouse bloke whose name I didn’t even know and he was playing a load of really early chicago stuff pitched down and I was lean and then I pulled this barmaid and I remember lying in bed and it was really sunny and warm outside and she was asleep. Then we went the pub, that was a good weekend.

SLACKK will be playing at the next SOCIETY party tomorrow

Click here for more info and tickets



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