Mondkopf Interview

At just 24, Mondkopf’s second album ‘Rising Doom’ is ready. Inspired by post-punk, black metal, and with the music of Aphex Twin and Autechre always in his head, the album exhibits a mesmerising force, that so many have tried and failed to demonstrate before him. Merging sound and vision, he has also recently collaborated with multimedia design agency, Trafik, to produce a Live show experience that is both an aural and visual assault; tension immerses, with an almost white noise affectation, igniting the sensation of terrifying squat raves, exorcism and a feeling of some sort of mystical wizardry…

Rising Doom exudes a feeling of both urgency and anguish, an album where light is so rare it almost blinds you with it’s beauty when it glimmers through the jagged rifts. Each song composed as if it were to be the last.  A suffocating, intoxicating brew of inky atmosphere that has been squeezed through an industrial grinder and seasoned with an added drum machine and rave-laser function. It’s heavy, it’s bleak and brutal. It’s brilliant.

Having remixed Wolf Gang, Golden Filter and The Teenagers and playing alongside the likes of Four Tet, he has transgressed the typical French electro sound that his peers back in ’06 are still making, instead embracing a new experimental take on classic electronica and conceiving a new breed of IDM.

We Are Not a Rock Band caught up for a few words with the alluring French enigma, here’s what Mondkopf had to say, about all the stuff…

WANARB: Hey, so how did you start out making music?

Mondkopf: I started in my bedroom, working with cheap software when I was in first grade. In highschool i started to get interested in electronic music, I bought more software and  spent my life in my bedroom on my own making music.

WANARB: You’ve been producing for a while now, what about your sound has changed? How do you feel you have progressed?

Mondkopf: I think I know better what I am able to do with the same old software, even if I still get pleasing surprises. There has definitively been a turn with a more aggressive, noisier sound than before.

WANARB: You’ve often been placed amongst ‘French Touch’ artists but your sound seems far from it. Why do you think this is? And what does ‘French Touch’ mean to you?

Mondkopf: I don’t pay too much attention even if I hope it doesn’t create wrong expectations for some people. I got interested in french touch pretty lately, i don’t like everything but Motorbass and I :Cube albums are fascinating to me.

WANARB: Where do you hope to take your sound?

Mondkopf: Just forward in playing with tension, but it’s kind of the music itself taking me where it needs to go…

WANARB: When do you feel most inspired?

Mondkopf: It’s totally impossible to control, but I get inspired mostly from listen to other people’s music which moves me and makes me want to make more myself, even if it doesn’t really inspire me in a more precise way.

WANARB: Which artists would you say most influence your work?

Mondkopf: Autechre, Aphex Twin, Clark and a lot more of early Warp artists, then Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt, Tim Hecker and more recently Sunn O))) and The Cure.

WANARB: What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?

Mondkopf: Listen to your feelings and don’t be afraid of them.

WANARB: What was is like to grow up in Toulouse, and do you think that it has influenced your particular sound?

Mondkopf: It was great, I was living between the country and the city, even if I don’t think it had an influence on my music since I was locked in my bedroom mostly, I think I could have been pretty much anywhere.

WANARB: Pet hates?

Mondkopf: Toads

WANARB: Biggest fear?

Mondkopf: To lose the people I love.

WANARB: Where do you think you would be without the internet?

Mondkopf: Not in front on my computer at the moment obviously.

WANARB: And finally (sorry, I had to ask this, because I am lame and predictable), but when was the last day you had a REALLY angry day, what happened, and how did you act?

Mondkopf: Sorry to disappoint but I never manage to get really angry, hence my music being this kind of release…

Rising Doom is released on CD/digital October 3rd. You can download a track from the new album here.




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