When WANARB Met: Benoit & Sergio

Benoit & SergioTransatlantic duo Benoit & Sergio have been making me go all fluttery-eyed with their dreamy brand of pop-laced house since early this year. With stand-out tracks Walk And Talk, Boy Trouble having crossover appeal, it’s no wonder they’ve just got ever more popular. I caught up with them ahead of their performance at the Phonica Warehouse Party next month to find out the things that really matter, y’know, like zombies and films and sega, oh and a bit about music too…

So Benoit, you grew up in Paris, and Sergio you grew up in Iowa. What would you say are your biggest musical differences due to your upbringings being so far apart?

Sergio was raised on a fast food ethos in America, so he doesn’t care about anything intimate regarding sound. He wants to slap burgers on the industrial grill and then sit in the sun and look at girls.
Benoit, on the other hand, bloomed in France–a land known for beauty and pleasure. His musical sensitivity developed through an early exposure to love songs and folk ballads from the 70s.

If you have one, what is your favourite album or song from the year of your birth?

“First Week/Last Week….Carefree” by the Talking Heads;
“Miss Broadway” by Belle Epoque.

Your Facebook page describes your lyrics as being about loneliness, French girls, wine and Ferraris. Which is your favourite out of those things (excluding loneliness I assume)?

Probably French girls, because they are beautiful and fast and high maintenance–like Ferraris.

Walk And Talk was pretty amazing stuff. Were the lyrics based on any personal experiences?

No, thankfully.

Your mixes tend to be fairly eclectic- I was actually pretty enamoured with the XLR8R one with Lee Foss, Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem amongst other awesome tracks, all peppered with your own music- is this the style we can expect from your set at The Phonica Birthday Party?

Glad you liked that XLR8R podcast……We don’t DJ, so if our liveset is eclectic, which we are hoping for, it is because our productions tend toward different styles. This is a roundabout way of saying that, yes, the set will be eclectic, but we won’t be playing, say, Roxy Music. Just our stuff.

This is basically becoming my standard question now: what would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse? Everyone needs a zombie plan.

We would invite them to some of the parties we have played, so that the zombies would feel at home.

What music do you listen to you in your personal life that is far removed from what you make or play out professionally?

Chet Baker. Can. Nina Simone. To name a few.

What are your top recommendations of who to watch out for Autumn 2011?

Not really from a newbie but Mathew Jonson’s “Cold Blooded” is an incoming bomb…

What track are you rinsing the most at the moment?

Kurt Vile’s “Runner Ups.” Or the Caribou remix of “It’s a Crime”.

I’m sure you always get asked what the first record you bought was, but I find your music to have a sense of narrative to it so I’d actually really like to know what the first film you remember seeing at the cinema was?

Nice question.“The Rescuers”–scary.

In the same token, what is your all time favourite film soundtrack and why?

“A Clockwork Orange.” The epic synths, grinding into the empty center of humanity.

Quickfire round….

Pineapples or Bananas?

Bananas & Pineapples

Nintendo or Sega?


Playing Festivals or Clubs?

It all depends on the party.

Everybody or Principles?

It is wrong to ask two fathers to choose between a virgin daughter and a prodigal son.

Morals or Debauchery?


Thank you so much!

Make sure you get your tickets now to see Benoit & Sergio perform LIVE at the Phonica 8th Birthday Warehouse Party on Saturday 1st October before they all sell out.

 Benoit & Sergio – Walk And Talk

 Benoit & Sergio – Boy Trouble




4 Responses to “When WANARB Met: Benoit & Sergio”

  1. These guys are dudes. Great interview!

  2. pettingparty Says:

    Yeh, well happy with how this came out ^_^ They are actually brilliant! And so glad my question about Walk & Talk wasn’t perceived as too personal (it totally could of!)

  3. Hot off the presses, a FF remix by Benoit and Sergio!

  4. […] South London has seen all year. With Matt Tolfrey’s Leftroom arch playing host to both Benoit & Sergio and Visionquest, and the Phonica arch featuring Joy Orbison and Soul Clap, you’d think […]

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