When WANARB met: Soul Clap

The Clap has spread. It infects all your senses, and spreads through your joints. Involuntary movements are a symptom: The rhythmic thrusting at the hip, a bit of sway to the boo-tay, digging the shoulder blades into your back pocket… Don’t you know? You’ve been hit, struck and slathered with that Midas musical touch. Boston’s responsible for breeding these behemoths, shaped nicely into two fine men. Under the moniker of Soul Clap, the force stems from Cync and Elyte, and even greater vigour comes from their bona fide titles of Charles Levine and Eli Goldstein. Their fingers are in every pie, from mixing, back-to-basics creating and to consulting, but nothing is sacrificed. What results is a finger-lickin’ good experience for everyone, with a hankering for more.

Satiate a thirst and a lusting come Saturday, 1st Oct at Great Suffolk Street Warehouse. Soul Clap returns to London for a Phonica affair. Eight years of exchanging sick records is worthy of a damn party.

Squeezing into a sliver of their busy sched, I asked Soul Clap a few (kinda) PG-rated questions in an attempt to deal with these dance inflictions, and to steady myself before the Phonica gig….

Read on to get to the crux of this duo. It either has something to do with bamboozling or wearing wide pants to a rave. You decide…

You’re heading back to the Big Smoke! What have you guys been up to since you were last here, and are you fully recovered from recent gigs (ahem, Burning Man)?

Well we’ve been to (ahem, burning man) and it was next level, but before that we got stuck in New York because hurricane Irene was a biatch and shut down the entire city, including all public transportation and the airport, for 2 days! After all that we played the bar mitzvah of the guys who throw movement in Detroit and a boat party back in NYC. Now we just got to Europe and have 2 months of crazy gigging non stop…

Given past, present and upcoming tour dates, it really seems like Soul Clap has been going non-stop. What do you guys like to do when you’re, you know, doing nothing?

Hahaha. Took words right out of our mouths… Well we really like to sleep and eat and fuck (not each other). Also playing ping-pong, reading books and talking shit are high on our list of doing nothing.

Why do you guys work so well together?

Because we’re brothas
Brothas from anotha mutha

What does each of you have to bring to the mix that ends up in this fucking decent blend we all know as Soul Clap?

Cnyce brings the funk and E-Heavy bamboozles it.

Mind regaling us with the tale of when you two first met? Doesn’t it have something to do with rave pants designed by someone’s mum?

Well sorta. Eli’s mom put these red, fleece inserts in his pants and at the time there was competition to see who’s pants were the widest. So when charlie showed up at the rave with wider legs they had to have a dance off, or as we liked to call it back in the day, a pants off. The rest is history…

How’d Soul Clap and Phonica get in bed with each other?

Well there were a couple bottles of Prosecco and then we moved on the whiskey, but it was probably the tequila shots that did it. Seriously though Phonica is one of our favorite record shops in the world. The first time we went there our girl Heidi introduced us to Simon Rigg and we’ve been buying records there for years so it makes sense we finally get to play one of their parties!

Once upon a time you were taught that ‘House wears many hats.’ What exactly was it about that statement that unlocked the treasure trove to all your work?

What it really means to us is that the key to good music is eclecticism. But it was Caril Mitro, the woman that said that, who taught us so much about the roots and helped us understand the hats.

Do you envision fashioning an entirely brand new ‘hat’ in the future?

Yes. Eli is starting a hat line soon.

Soul Clap join Vision Quest, Benoit and Sergio, Joy Orbison and loads more at Phonica’s 8th Birthday party. For the last lot of the 4th release tickets priced at £20 head over here. Grab them while you still can!




3 Responses to “When WANARB met: Soul Clap”

  1. Lobster Claws Says:

    *Clap Clap Clap* to the Soul Clap interview. Bravo Ezray. You still haven’t gotten back to me about getting married. I can get you into the EU.

  2. […] host to both Benoit & Sergio and Visionquest, and the Phonica arch featuring Joy Orbison and Soul Clap, you’d think you’d have the night covered. But it was former-Phonica-employee Heidi who […]

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